When Tables Turn

So, if you aren’t aware, I am a senior at Truman State University. For the past three years I have been studying art, more specifically, studio art. And I’m fairly good at it (pictures to come soon).

And it would make total sense for me, as a senior, to graduate this semester and be done with my art degree. That would be glorious–no more late nights trying to study, write a paper, or rushing around from Ophelia Parrish to Barnett Hall, or trying to decide to buy groceries or much needed art supplies.

However, that’s not what I chose to do.

I decided to stay and get my BFA because:  it was more prestigious, it allowed me more time to explore different media, my portfolio would improve, and etc.

So, with a whole additional year of artmaking, I decided I had time to finally explore the world of graphic design. But, now, the joke’s on me because I’m once again a novice and learning new software is hard.

And here are some photos to prove it:

ClipartOf.com<<<This is the image I needed to replicate.


^^This is my first, rushed attempt at it. And yeah, you can laugh.



^^This is my second attempt. Loads better but still not perfect.


So, long story short, this Design class is embarrassingly challenging for me but my hope is that fruit will come as I practice more. Digital art is something that I want to understand. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

With regard,



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