Printing is Hard

I never knew printing could be so difficult but it sure is. There are so many things involved! You have to make sure:

The document set up is right.

That you packaged the document right. Or else, you’ll be missing some of it when you try to access it later. You gotta make sure all those links are there!

You need to make sure you have a flash drive so then you can put the packaged information on it. (And then, please don’t lose your flash drive, like I sadly did. And now I’m trying to recreate the newsletter without Rusty’s help. Sad day.)

You then need to take it over to a Mac computer that has Adobe Distiller on it. Because, distilling it is important. I don’t remember why. But it is. 🙂

After distilling it, please be sure to preview it and fix any errors you probably made. If you’re me, you are more likely to make errors.

THEN, you gotta make sure you got money to print the thing. And that you know how to fill out the online order form for OP Output. And, you gotta provide OP Output with the paper and your receipts.

Next? You wait for OP Output to print and hope that nothing goes wrong. Especially if you are working against the clock, which I typically am. This is a bad habit you should definitely break.

Ok! What do we do now? Now, you wait for Rusty to give you your print and pray that everything went smoothly.


As you can see, a lot of tears and money are involved with printing. Be cautious. Be weary. Learn quickly.

Until next time,



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