Reflective Jazz

So. Yeah. This semester has been a lot more trying than I anticipated. In particular, this class.  From the get go, I knew that my graphic art skills were nonexistent and that is why I wanted to take this course. (And before I continue with my rant, I would like to say, yes, this course improved my graphic art skills.)

I felt like I was drowning throughout this course. Strictly in terms of material and software. Rusty was superb and I honestly can say that his cheerful attitude helped me get through it. However, the software was hard to learn how to manipulate and took hours to learn the basics. And if things could go wrong, they usually did.

However, I will say that I value the skills I learned and the general knowledge I gained in this course. I would love to learn more and to manipulate the software at a greater degree. Honestly, I’m almost contemplating taking another course in graphic design. Maybe Illustration? That seems more up my alley.

Also, a special shout out to all the amazing Graphic Design majors who helped me those late nights, when I was stressing out:  Claire, Taylor, Zoe, and Meredith. You guys are the best!

And you too, Rusty. Thanks for all of the encouragement and help you gave me. It definitely made this experience more tolerable and is the reason I am thinking about picking up another graphic design course. So, thank you!

Ok. I’m out.


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