Let me introduce myself.

I’m Larissa. A studio art major (and Latin minor) at Truman State University.

Art has always come naturally to me. I have always been fairly good at it. However, when I first came into Truman, I had absolutely no intentions of being an art major. I didn’t consider an art degree to be a valid option for me. For one, the age old question, what would I do with an art degree? For another, I had been running from art because I was afraid people would label me merely as an “artist” and disregard me as whole.

Well, after going through my first year undeclared, I decided enough was enough. I needed a major. So, one morning, I was praying about this all (oh! So you know, I’m a Christian) and I finally felt like I had direction:


And something changed my perspective about it. In that moment, I had such peace about declaring art as my major. A peace I can’t even explain because, between you and me, I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do with an art degree. But, that’s okay.

You see, I’ve come to the realization that I am an artist. It’s a huge part of me. It’s how I think, communicate, process, and view the world I live in. Honestly, these last three years of being an art major have been great and I’ve loved the journey.

We’ll see where the next few years takes me.