Reflective Jazz

So. Yeah. This semester has been a lot more trying than I anticipated. In particular, this class.  From the get go, I knew that my graphic art skills were nonexistent and that is why I wanted to take this course. (And before I continue with my rant, I would like to say, yes, this course improved my graphic art skills.)

I felt like I was drowning throughout this course. Strictly in terms of material and software. Rusty was superb and I honestly can say that his cheerful attitude helped me get through it. However, the software was hard to learn how to manipulate and took hours to learn the basics. And if things could go wrong, they usually did.

However, I will say that I value the skills I learned and the general knowledge I gained in this course. I would love to learn more and to manipulate the software at a greater degree. Honestly, I’m almost contemplating taking another course in graphic design. Maybe Illustration? That seems more up my alley.

Also, a special shout out to all the amazing Graphic Design majors who helped me those late nights, when I was stressing out:  Claire, Taylor, Zoe, and Meredith. You guys are the best!

And you too, Rusty. Thanks for all of the encouragement and help you gave me. It definitely made this experience more tolerable and is the reason I am thinking about picking up another graphic design course. So, thank you!

Ok. I’m out.


Printing is Hard

I never knew printing could be so difficult but it sure is. There are so many things involved! You have to make sure:

The document set up is right.

That you packaged the document right. Or else, you’ll be missing some of it when you try to access it later. You gotta make sure all those links are there!

You need to make sure you have a flash drive so then you can put the packaged information on it. (And then, please don’t lose your flash drive, like I sadly did. And now I’m trying to recreate the newsletter without Rusty’s help. Sad day.)

You then need to take it over to a Mac computer that has Adobe Distiller on it. Because, distilling it is important. I don’t remember why. But it is. 🙂

After distilling it, please be sure to preview it and fix any errors you probably made. If you’re me, you are more likely to make errors.

THEN, you gotta make sure you got money to print the thing. And that you know how to fill out the online order form for OP Output. And, you gotta provide OP Output with the paper and your receipts.

Next? You wait for OP Output to print and hope that nothing goes wrong. Especially if you are working against the clock, which I typically am. This is a bad habit you should definitely break.

Ok! What do we do now? Now, you wait for Rusty to give you your print and pray that everything went smoothly.


As you can see, a lot of tears and money are involved with printing. Be cautious. Be weary. Learn quickly.

Until next time,


God Bless, Claire Nipper

Some good news! (Finally…)

I’m getting slightly better at this whole thing. We were working on recreating a logo in Illustrator and it only took me four hours instead of eight! And it wasn’t absurdly stressful. It was still a bit  stressful but definitely not as stressful as past assignments.

I think most of the credit for that can be given to my friend and Vis Comm major, Claire Nipper, who helped me figure out some of the issues I was having on Illustrator.

God bless, Claire Nipper, you came through in the clutch..



Touching Up an Image

This is my first attempt at retouching an image on Photoshop!

All in all, it could have been worse. All in all, it could have been better.

I ended up doing what we were told not to, however. I used the clone stamp to retouch the whole image, frankly, because I didn’t know a better way to go about it. So, yeah, that took a while. And yeah, if you look close there are definitely issues.

Well, maybe you don’t even need to look close to notice those issues.

P.S. I have watched six more chapters on Lynda about Photoshop and I’m hoping those skills start to kick in. Now I need to get up to speed on the chapters for inDesign and Illustrator.




Jack and Jill Tried Their Best

Honestly, my attempts at these assignments are very laugh-able to me. I am so not a good graphic designer. Not yet, anyway. And my lack of knowledge of the software just limits how creative I can actually be with my designs. Hence, my very poor, very badly done, attempt to recreate a Jack and Jill story. When I recreated this with the chosen icons, I did not know how to copy and paste.

So I was trying to tell the story without having to use the same icons. This did not work well. As you can see. (However, I did think using the question marks as “J” to represent Jack and Jill was rather creative.)


More Issues!

Sadly, you don’t have to see my struggles with Illustrator so much this time. But, here are my struggles with InDesign and Photoshop.

First of all, my fonts are very limited on inDesign, most likely because I have a PC instead of a Mac. But, I do not have the funds to buy fonts and I definitely can’t afford  Mac, so my limited fonts will just have to do.

Photoshop. Sigh. Photoshop can be a beast to try and control. In this particular instance, I could not figure out how to resize my photo in order for it not to appear pixelated in InDesign.

Oh well! I tried.


P.S.(This actually is a Cut-Out Background (COB)…but not what I was supposed to do. But the file I keep trying to upload is not supported. Which is frustrating. And hopefully I will figure it out soon. )


When Tables Turn

So, if you aren’t aware, I am a senior at Truman State University. For the past three years I have been studying art, more specifically, studio art. And I’m fairly good at it (pictures to come soon).

And it would make total sense for me, as a senior, to graduate this semester and be done with my art degree. That would be glorious–no more late nights trying to study, write a paper, or rushing around from Ophelia Parrish to Barnett Hall, or trying to decide to buy groceries or much needed art supplies.

However, that’s not what I chose to do.

I decided to stay and get my BFA because:  it was more prestigious, it allowed me more time to explore different media, my portfolio would improve, and etc.

So, with a whole additional year of artmaking, I decided I had time to finally explore the world of graphic design. But, now, the joke’s on me because I’m once again a novice and learning new software is hard.

And here are some photos to prove it:<<<This is the image I needed to replicate.


^^This is my first, rushed attempt at it. And yeah, you can laugh.



^^This is my second attempt. Loads better but still not perfect.


So, long story short, this Design class is embarrassingly challenging for me but my hope is that fruit will come as I practice more. Digital art is something that I want to understand. I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

With regard,